Canton Mail, June 5, 1875

Canton Mail, June 5, 1875

The Sea Coast Republican goes back on Civil Rights, goes back on Cardozo, Spelman, Alfred Handy and other colored politicians of the Republican party. This holy organ and advocate of high moral ideas does not relish our suggestions that these aforesaid colored gentlemen and their estimable and accomplished ladies are entitled to social intercourse with their pale-faced friends and brothers who advocate social equality and Civil Rights.

Put yourself square upon the record, Mr. Republican. Let the people of Mississippi know at once, whether the negro, who is good enough for the Southern people, is not also good enough for Yankee carpet-baggers. If the negro has been declared the social and civil equal of the white man, we wish to see the movers of the enterprise made to practice it. If you think that Spelman, Cordoza, Handy, etc., are not entitled to seats in Governor Ames’ parlor, at his table, etc., say so. If they have no right there, what right have they to seats at hotel tables, in sleeping cars etc.?

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