Welcome to the fanlisting for Jesus as the character portrayed on the Comedy Central hit show South Park. Though the interpretation of him is considered disrespectful by some people, I find that it's often surprisingly insightful.

Believe it or not, there are a shocking number of people who seem to agree that there is something more to this character. As with most characters that appear on the show, South Park's portrayal of Jesus is both edgy and humorous. And while some believe the show is overly-laden with cynicism, others are able to see beyond this, to get to the critical issues which are brought up in each episode. The show, needless to say, has a dedicated fanbase. Many fans have gone so far as to create custom t-shirts that picture their favorite South Park character on them. Others enjoy the show so much that there are plenty of South Park fan fictions out there.

If you enjoy South Park's Jesus, then add your name to the list!

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